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Foundations of Pediatric
Sports Injury Treatment

The cornerstone of treating sports-related injuries and concussions in pediatric patients is rest and symptom management. After diagnosis, a period of physical and cognitive rest is essential to allow the brain to heal. Dr. Vogel understands the unique needs of young athletes and tailors his treatment plans accordingly. In some cases, medications may be prescribed to manage symptoms like pain or sleep disturbances.


Concussion Management and Safe Return to Play

What sets Dr. Vogel apart is his commitment to a gradual return-to-play protocol. This protocol ensures the athlete’s safety and reduces the risk of re-injury, prioritizing their long-term well-being over a quick return to the field. Additionally, Dr. Vogel and his team offer education about concussion prevention and recognition, emphasizing the importance of overall injury management.

A Dedicated Expert in Pediatric
Sports-Related Concussions

In conclusion, Dr. Tim Vogel’s specialization in pediatric sports-related concussions and his dedication to young athletes make him an invaluable resource in the field of sports medicine. Through comprehensive evaluation, symptom management, and a cautious return-to-play approach, Dr. Vogel ensures the safety and health of young athletes, helping them get back to doing what they love.

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